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About this blog

About us

At the Government Internal Audit Agency (GIAA) our mission is to provide objective insight so that government departments and their numerous arm’s length bodies can achieve better outcomes and value for money for the public – better insights, better outcomes.

As the government’s primary provider of internal audit services, we lead both the government internal audit profession and internal audit function. We also have an award-winning counter fraud and investigation service, and support finance professionals across government in their role as stewards of public money.

About our blog

Our blog posts bring to life the work we do, explaining its relevance to the wider Civil Service by providing insights into the GIAA by exploring what our people do and the public benefits we bring.


Any material or information in these blog posts is based on sources believed to be reliable. The information on this blog is for general information purposes only. We cannot accept responsibility for any error, omission or other inaccuracy, or for any consequences arising from reliance upon such information.

The facts, data, opinion and commentary we post on this blog are not intended to be a substitute for commercial judgement or professional or legal advice.